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hip pressure cooking

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Member Since: Jun 21, 2011

Last Posted Recipe: Oct 9, 2011

Pots de Cremè au Citron - Pressure Cooker

Pots de Cremè au Citron - French Pressure Cooked Lemon Creme "Pots" with blackberries and syrup.. the little-known cousin of Creme Caramel!


Italian Blackberry Soda - Pressure Cooker

An easy and little-known technique for extracting juice in the pressure cooker to make fruit, herb and veggie extracts.


Black Peruvian Quinoa - pressure cooker

- pressure cooked for just one minute!


Pressure Cooked Puffed Cheese Spheres

Surprising, refreshing and beautiful... this Indian dessert is perfect for a hot, sweltering summer.


Hummus - Pressure Cooked Chickpea Dip

Goes from "oh.." to "wow" with these simple steps.