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A food blog with step by step photo recipes all the way from Namibia

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Member Since: Apr 30, 2018

Last Posted Recipe: Jan 23, 2019

Best orange cream with orange sauce desser

This orange cream with orange sauce dessert is very easy to make, delicious, refreshing and light. Squeezing orange juice might cost you some time, but once the cream is in the fridge you can forget it till you take it out 3 hours later.


Easy pizza bread rolls

Pizza bread rolls are an amazing alternative to normal pizza. This delish recipe only takes 25 mins to make including prep time.


Best German - style cheesecake ever recipe

This easiest and best cheesecake is having three layers layers!


Best potato soup ever recipe

This potato soup with bell pepper and sausage is delicious, super easy to make, takes 30 minutes to make including prep time and very versatile.  I've made tons of times and it's always a big hit.


German doughnuts (ausgezogene Krapfen)

Perfect, perfect, perfect German Doughnuts step-by-step photo recipe. This recipe is super good and very simple to put together.


Best fresh herb bread recipe

This is by far the BEST fresh herb bread recipe EVER!!! So good, easy, fluffy, moist and very versatile.


Easy one pot tomato rice

Easy, healthy, flavorful and quick one pot tomato rice recipe. The rice is simmered in pureed tomatoes and vegetable stock. This gives it a fantastic flavor and a creamy consistency.


Greek minced beef cutlets (Bifteki) recipe

This Greek minced beef cutlets stuffed with feta cheese (Bifteki) recipe is definitely a keeper!!


Easy chicken pineapple curry in 15 min

Lightning chicken pineapple curry from scratch with fresh ginger and coconut milk.


Wild Garlic Stuffed Chicken Roulade

This dish is easy, cheap and uses just a few ingredients. Since wild garlic is seasonal and not found everywhere, one can substitute it with spinach, fresh basil or leeks.