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Hungry Lankan

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Member Since: May 16, 2020

Last Posted Recipe: Jul 18, 2020

Sri Lankan Fish Rolls

Sri Lankan popular snack made with a spicy vegetable and tuna filling covered with a thin pancake, breaded and deep-fried until crispy and golden


Chop Suey with Scallops-Chinese vegetable

An easy and healthy 20min clean-out-the fridge recipe that is packed with veggies and serve over rice.


Egg Buns

A must try Sri Lankan bakery bun filled with eggs onions and peppers that is so good for breakfast.


Sri Lankan Spicy Potato Curry

This vegan potato curry is one of the easiest one-pot curries you’ll find on the blog. Perfect for a busy weeknight. Grab your self a good loaf of bread on the way home or make some rice to go with this. dinner would be ready in no time


Spicy Chicken Korma

The best chicken curry to satisfy your spice cravings