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Creating low carb recipes with unique African spices and flavors!

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Member Since: Aug 7, 2019

Last Posted Recipe: Oct 6, 2020

Cauliflower Mash with Sour Cream

A rich, creamy, delightfully delicious, low carb alternative to mashed potatoes, made with roasted cauliflower and sour cream!


Leftover Turkey Stir Fry

This leftover turkey stir fry recipe is a great way to use up all the leftover turkey from your Thanksgiving celebration.


Cabbage Fufu

Cabbage Fufu is a wonderful, low carb alternative to African fufu dishes!


Stir-Fried Brussels Sprouts With Bacon

Stir-fried brussels sprouts with bacon is a delicious side dish with an irresistible taste and flavor that will keep you coming back for more!


Lamb curry with coconut milk

Tender, juicy lamb chunks infused with aromatic spices in a rich curry sauce and topped with spinach and bell peppers. Sooo finger-licking good!


Shirataki Chicken Noodle Soup

Shirataki chicken noodle soup – a savory, mouthwatering, heart-warming soup, exploding in flavor and deliciousness!


Tasty Spaghetti Squash Recipe

This incredibly tasty spaghetti squash recipe, fused with flavorful bell peppers and herbs, has a spicy kick that takes it to a whole other level!


Riced cabbage

Riced cabbage is a quick, easy, and savory side dish and is a great alternative to cauliflower rice with only 11 net carbs!


Peppered Goat Meat

Peppered Goat Meat is a finger-licking, lip-smacking delicacy that is so delicious, you'll almost eat it all in one sitting!


Vegetable beef soup with cabbage

Vegetable beef soup with cabbage is a low carb, keto-friendly, hearty meal loaded with beef and vegetables that will keep you warm and satisfied!


Sauteed Green Beans and Mushrooms

Sauteed Green Beans and Mushrooms is a delicious and crunchy combination of green beans and mushrooms sautéed in olive oil and spiced with red peppers. It makes an excellent side dish for a simple meal at home or a holiday gathering!


Nigerian Spinach Stew

Nigerian Spinach Stew is a mouthwatering, savory stew made with spinach and oh so flavorful!


Instant Pot Beef Bone Broth

Instant Pot Beef Bone Broth is a warm and invigorating soup that tastes delicious while strengthening the immune system!


Veggie Scrambled Eggs

This easy, veggie scrambled eggs is a great way to start your mornings. Made with healthy and colorful green, orange, red and yellow peppers and a dash of turmeric, this scrambled eggs will leave you so satisfied, you might just end up having a late lunch!