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Last Posted Recipe: Nov 15, 2018

Chocolate love cake

A chocolate love cake to enjoy along with your loved ones!


Yummy Apple and cardamom cupcake

This Apple and cardamom cupcake can be made with plain flour and gluten free flour. I made this as part of this Gluten free cupcake platter recipe, link - If you would like to make only specific flavours top up the cupcakes only with your chosen ingredients. For each individual cupcakes, please go through the detailed step by step instructions and pictures which will help you bake these cupcakes. Enjoy :)


Moist light spongy Banana cupcake

A light spongy banana cupcake which remains moist for 3 days, if it lasts! Cinnamon and Walnuts can also be added if you like.


Celery and chilli spaghetti

A healthy Celery and chilli spaghetti - make sure you add the chilli flakes as per your tolerance level!


Oven roast chicken breast fillets

Oven roast chicken breast fillets seasoned with salt and pepper. Serve with salad leaves for a simple healthy meal.


The best brownies I have had!!!

Bake these brownies and gift it to your loved ones. These are really good. I have to say that these are high in calories, so restrict these as a special treat!