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The Empty Pot

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Rev. McKinney is a Buddhist monk attending the Vichara Monastery located in the foothills of the Sierra-Nevada mountains. This blog was started in order to promote the monastery's cookbook, "The Joy of an Empty Pot" that was published in 2016.

Member Since: Mar 4, 2018

Last Posted Recipe: Mar 19, 2019

Trail Mix with Fruit and Nuts

This trail mix is very quick and easy. No cooking required. You may already have all of the fruit and nuts that you need in your pantry.


Tofu Fish Sticks - Fried or Baked

Tofu Fish Sticks are a great introduction to the convenience of frozen tofu. They can be fried or baked. No lemon juice needed.


How to Freeze Tofu

Frozen tofu is one of the best kept secrets of tofu cuisine. Once you discover how to freeze sliced tofu, you may never use fresh tofu again.


Seasoned Bread Crumbs

Seasoned bread crumbs are toasted to a golden color. They are excellent to use for coating or as a filler for meat loaf and casseroles.


English Toffee Bite-Size Bliss

This is the copycat version of Almond Roca® that you have been looking for. When wrapped in foil this toffee is ready to travel.


Kale Potato Soup

With only six ingredients, this kale potato soup is quick, easy, and nutritious. Perfect to warm you up on a cold winter’s day.


Cranberry Clusters and White Chocolate

You only need two ingredients, dried cranberries & white chocolate. This candy is very easy to make and one of the most popular that we prepare.


Finely chopped roasted Almonds

Finely chopped roasted almonds are ideal for coating English Toffee. They are also used in many gluten-free pastry and cookie recipes.


Ground Beef Tofu is Vegan and Gluten Free

This is the vegetarian “ground beef” that you have been looking for. Just fry or bake Perfect Crumbled Tofu for vegan and gluten free “beef”.


Quick and Easy Pickled Beets

These pickled beets taste just as good as home canned beets from the garden. And they are a lot less work.


Dry Roasted Almonds

Dry roasted almonds can make or break a recipe that uses almonds. Once you master this recipe you may never use unroasted almonds again.



This yogurt drink is both cool and satisfying for these hot summer days. With only four ingredients, it is very quick and easy to prepare.


Perfect Crumbled Tofu

Prepare your crumbled tofu by cooking it first & it will make all the difference in the world. You can also use it in place of mashed tofu.


Manzanita Blossom Jelly

These beautiful blossoms make delicious jelly. Beware! If you share this unique jelly with a friend, they may pester you for their own jar.


Tangerine Marmalade

Tangerine or Mandarin marmalade provides a tasty respite from traditional orange marmalade.


Angel Hair, Pesto, and Fresh Salsa

This dish is so quick, easy, and delicious. You too may feel guilty when you prepare it. This one bowl meal is perfect when you're in a hurry.


Gluten-Free Vegan Cranberry Oatmeal Bars

These classic oat bars are vegan, gluten-free, easy to make, and help to use up that jellied cranberry sauce left from the holidays.