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A person with zest for life and passion for cooking. Author of e-books, available on Amazon

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Member Since: Jan 25, 2018

Last Posted Recipe: Oct 15, 2018

Krackjack Sev Puri

A fun snack to make with salted biscuits, it's easy and tasty.


Virgin Mango Mojito

Virgin Mango Mojito is a refreshing mocktail drink for summer. Serve it as a mid day drink to children or entertain guests.


Til Chikki- Sesame Bars

Til Chikki aka sesame bars are crunchy, tasty and healthy bars. They need four ingredients and can be made in ten minutes.


Green Pulao- how to make green pulao

Green pulao is a delicious one pot meal that can be served for a weekend menu.


Lemon and Coriander Soup

Lemon and coriander soup is a tasty and low calorie soup. The taste of lime and aroma of herbs is irresistible.