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I'm a graphic designer and mother of two awesome kids. I'm also a Type 1 diabetic, and my New Year's resolution is to cut out sugar and switch to a low-carb diet.

Member Since: Sep 9, 2017

Last Posted Recipe: Sep 17, 2017

Low Carb Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cook

This low carb peanut butter chocolate chip cookie is big fun in a little package. And it’s only got 6g net carbs. Sweet!


Fruit Pick-Up Sticks

Fruit Pick-Up Sticks are just about the easiest picnic food you can made. And they are always the first to go at the party. They’re the perfect food for standing around and shooting the breeze.


Rainbow Ribbon Jello

Rainbow Ribbon Jello takes all day to make, and ends up tasting kind of gross. But kids seem to love it and it looks like a million bucks.


Low Carb Cloud Bread French Toast

Low Carb Cloud Bread is used for this classic French Toast recipe. It’s a delicious, sugar-free breakfast with only 8g of net carbs per serving. It makes for a good start to the day.


Egg in the Clouds

Cloud Egg: There are those who will tell you that cloud eggs are not worth the energy, but these people are fools. Do not listen to them.


Low Carb Mock Apple Butter

Apples are a no-no on extreme low carb and ketogenic diets. But his mock apple butter is a great work-around. It uses spiced and sweetened yellow squash to perfectly mimic apple butter. Sweet!