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I am foodie, blogger & Growth Hacker for Major brands. I am here to bring all the dirty secrets from the chef's cook book itself.

Member Since: Jan 4, 2017

Last Posted Recipe: Feb 6, 2017

Rich - Creamy Tomato - Basil Soup

A rich tomato soup with KNORR Pronto Napoli, cream and basil.


Chicken Schnitzel, Jumbo Prawns

This recipe is a take on the popular classics of chicken schnitzel and 'surf-and turf', to satisfy the most hard-core pub goer. A combination of hand-crumbed chicken breast, succulent jumbo prawns and a creamy garlic sauce is a perfect marriage.


Shredded Chicken Sandwich, Chilli Jam Mayo

Burgers with pulled meats are on trend across many pub and club menus. This recipe uses shredded chicken, seasoned with KNORR Concentrated Liquid Stock to bring moisture and flavour back into the cooked meat. Served with a Vietnamese salad, it makes a delicious Asian-inspired chicken burger


Spiced Beef Ribs with Bourbon Sauce

Napoli Sauce mixed with beef and Bourbon Sauce will surely uplift your taste buds.


Lemon Chicken Hot Pot

Mix of Knorr Hollandaise Sauce and Lemon Works perfectly, when combined with Chicken


Honey Garlic Chicken Stir Fry

This stir-fry dish uses gravy as a base for the sauce. Simply adding KNORR Sakims Honey Soy Sauce and Garlic Puree to the already prepared gravy makes a milder sauce, that is also more cost-effective.


Char Grilled Lamb Burger, Grilled Haloumi,

There is nothing more Australian than a lamb burger and with the tomato chilli jam mayonnaise your customers will be lining up for more!


Chorizo and Mozzarella Pizza with Sundried

Chorizo and Mozzarella Pizza with Sundried Tomato. The Napoli sauce will take one step ahead


Fresh Summer salad

Vegetarian salad with white and green asparagus, fresh peas, broad beans, cucumber and quinoa. A perfect addition to your summer menu!


Tangy Coleslaw, Lime Mayo Dressing

The key to a good coleslaw is a good variety of fresh vegetables and a full flavoured dressing to match. This recipe uses a variety of seasonal vegetables and a sharp lime mayonnaise dressing


Roma Eggs Benedict

Poached eggs on fresh pesto. This Recipe is surely a , try out recipe. Overall Cooking time 20 Minutes.


Angus Fillet with Swiss Mushrooms, Smoked

The smokiness of the tomato perfectly complements the sweetness of the glaze with this premium cut of beef.


Beef Brisket Burger with Bourbon Chipotle

Brisket is at almost every BBQ eatery in Texas. Offer this slow roasted smoky beef brisket served on brioche bun, with slaw and chipotle bourbon sauce on your menu and it is sure to be a hit.


Chicken, Monterey Jack and Maple Bacon Par

Give one of your most popular dishes the "American makeover". Crispy southern fried chicken with tangy napoli sauce and sweet maple syrup is sure to please your most hardcore parmigiana diehards.


Breakfast Burrito

Eggs wrapped in burrito with salsa on the side. A perfect breakfast straight from Chef's kitchen


Pork Belly Steak, Maple, Balsamic Glaze

This is a sticky, dark glazed version of the ever so popular pork belly. Fast and easy to prepare for service, the jus and balsamic glaze combined with the maple syrup create a rich flavour.