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Hi there! We're Laura & Sarah. The crazy quirky duo here to inspire your palate and help you every bite of the way. Discover intriguing world recipes, must-have pantry essentials and helpful cooking techniques that are easy to replicate at home.

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Member Since: Apr 19, 2016

Last Posted Recipe: May 2, 2016

4 Ingredient German Chocolate Mousse

Light, fluffy whipped cream meets cocoa and shredded coconut in this super simple dessert.


Easy Persimmon Apple Oat Crumble

Sweet vanilla persimmons and crunchy tart apples team up under a thick, crumbly crust in this deliciously simple dessert.


Shikoku Mountain-Style Udon Noodles

A foot-crafted recipe of delectable noodles from the Udon Master in Shikoku, Japan. Slurp yourself happy with this irresistibly moreish delight for lunch or dinner.


French Zucchini Salad

A light, fresh, summery salad that makes for the perfect side dish.


Addictive Scrambled Pancakes for Food Shar

Breakfast, brunch or dessert these Addictive Scrambled Pancakes are THE sharing platter you NEED to have with friends.


Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce From Scratch

Ditch the jars and get ready to whip up a batch of your very own Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce From Scratch. Serve over pasta or use on homemade pizza.