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Homemade food, recipes, and interesting story behind.

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Member Since: Dec 4, 2015

Last Posted Recipe: Mar 13, 2016

No Sugar, Low Fat, Fruit and Nuts Crumble

Using dried fruits, sliced apple, and honey as sweetener


Indonesian Sweet Mung Bean Porridge

Made this comfortable Sweet Mung Bean Porridge with Glutinous Rice Porridge for late breakfast on one lazy, rainy, and breezy Saturday morning. :)


Banana Caramel Cinnamon Cake

Perfect afternoon tea time partner for you who enjoy spiced baked goods


Bandrek, Indonesian Beverages

The hot, spiced comfort drink from Indonesia. Suits your cold days well.


Indonesian Beef Tongue Stew

The famous Indonesian slow cooking recipe that has been cooked from generation to generation.


Indonesian Sweet Martabak

The thick pancake that is rich, buttery, sweet taste, fluffy, gooey texture -- munching Martabak is worth the guilty pleasure.


Baked Mashed Potato Doughnut

This baked potato doughnut contains only 130 calories per serving; meanwhile normal doughnut each serving contains more than 300 calories.


Batagor (Indonesian Deep Fried Dumplings)

This crunchy dumpling is using fish or chicken as its main ingredients with spicy peanut sauce poured on it. For you who enjoy unique Indonesian taste.


Swedish Cinnamon Rolls (Kanelbullar)

This Swedish Cinnamon Rolls are using cardamom for their dough spice; perfectly fits you who enjoy fluffy, sweet, and exotic taste bread.