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International food with a twist.

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Member Since: Aug 24, 2014

Last Posted Recipe: Sep 3, 2019

Miso Soup with Somen Noodles

One seasoning we reach for regularly in our home is enzyme-rich miso paste. Miso is made from fermented soybeans with sea salt and koji.


Buckwheat with Organic Mushrooms

Buckwheat is favored all over the world, but is not as popular in the United States.The buckwheat plant is pollinated by bees and produces seeds rather than grains.


“Draniki” Potato Pancakes, Russian-style!

"Silence stole the room once we were all seated at the table and she remained until every pancake was devoured and plates were spotless without a piece of pancake or drop of sour cream on them."


Eggplant Ganoush Caviar

Baba Ganoush + Eggplant Caviar = Eggplant Ganoush Caviar. This dish has an amazing texture and is an exceptional combination of flavors.


Aviator Caesar Salad with Chocolate Glazed

Perfect Caesar Salad Dressing - savory, salty, sour, bitter, sweet and spicy–it never stops surprising us with its rich blend. And don't forget Chocolate Glazed Shrimp on top. Enjoy!


Peach Lemon Smoothie with Hemp Seeds

Sweet peaches, ripe bananas, a juicy lemon and organic, raw hemp seeds lead the way to this perfect, light summer smoothie.