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Member Since: Mar 17, 2013

Last Posted Recipe: Apr 12, 2013

Pretzel with obatzda cheese

A traditional bavarian tapa, a soft and crunchy pretsel with their spread cheese, easy to make and perfect for barbacues moments! (Spanish with translator)


Berliner with raspberry and lime jam

The perfect berline, airy inside and with a raspberry and lime fill. Incredible good! (Spanis translator in the sidebar)


Hummus with rye crakers

A creamy hummus with a healthy and full os seeds rye crakers, perfect for any moment and incredible easy to make


Chocolate truffle with 4 flavour

A delicious mix of chocolate truffles, with four different and amazing flavours; orange and smoked salt, ginger and lemon, coffee and yoghurt and the classic one, cognac.


Tequeños, a venezuelan tapa

Amazing venezuelan tapa, a crispy pastry outside and a warm and juicy cheese insede, together with a chili jam, perfect sweet and salty contrast (In Spanish, translator in the sidebar)


Vanilla pod in four ways

Four differents ways of use for you vanilla pod, perfect for home made gifts and desserts, so vanilla, so delicious


Puff pastry shell full with custard

A creamy and crunchy dessert, full of vanilla and citrous flavour, perfect for tea time!