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Sexy Vegan Mama

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Christina-Marie Wright is the (vegan) sanity-challenged mother of seven children. Find her at or She's co-author, with William Maltese, of GET-REAL VEGAN DESSERTS: VEGAN RECIPES FOR THE REST OF US. Find it on Amazon!

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Member Since: Jan 19, 2011

Last Posted Recipe: Jan 27, 2015

NOLA Vegan Poboy Sandwiches

This vegan poboy, with gluten-free option, will have you dreaming of New Orleans!


Gluten-Free, Vegan One-Pan Pasta

A one-pan pasta that's gluten-free and vegan means a healthier dinner just got a lot easier!


Vegan 3-Ingredient Lemon Crumble Bars

A dreamy vegan lemon dessert, with just three ingredients? You bet!


Cheater's Vegan Strawberry Shortcakes

A decadent, impressive vegan dessert -- prepared and served in less than 20 minutes. They'll never know it's not scratch-baked!


Jicama, Avocado & Strawberry Vinaigrette

This delicious salad is made with crisp root vegetables, smooth avocado and a zingy berry vinaigrette.


Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Zebra Cake

This striped vegan cake is easy to create, and topped with creamy peanut butter frosting.


Vegan Coconut Florentines

These delightfully crispy, chocolate-drizzled wafers are easier to make than you'd think!


Cranberry Orange Sorbet

Perfectly balanced between sweet and tart, this vegan sorbet is a perfect warm-weather treat!


Vegan Rasp-Clementine Minis

Raspberry Clementine mini-cupcakes with vegan citrus sour cream frosting. Sure to make your day sunny!


Mini-Tart Shells - More Fun with Phyllo!

You can buy pre-baked mini phyllo tart shells, but it's cheaper and more fun to make your own!


Recipe: Derby Gurlz Double Mocha Minis

Vegan mocha mini-cupcakes with coconut almond cream cheese frosting. Named for Apple City Roller Derby members. Fierce, but sweet!