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Vegan food blogger, blogging Breads, Indian, vegan and more. Veganizing it.. one recipe at a time! With whole, organic and healthy foods. Blog: On Facebook: On Twitter: http://twitter.c

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Member Since: Oct 27, 2011

Last Posted Recipe: Nov 30, 2011

Sprouted Wheat Strawberry bread

Sprouted Wheat Yeast bread loa with strawberries. Vegan


Vegan Tiramisu pancakes!

Tiramisu pancakes with cashew cream mascarpone. that special holiday breakfast!


Potato chickpea breadcrumb patties

Potato, breadcrumbs, leftover chickpeas and spices make these cutlets a fun idea to finish up holiday leftovers! vegan, glutenfree options


Fluffy White Vegan Dinner rolls

Fluffy white dinner rolls with a secret ingredient. Cashew yogurt.


Pigeon Pea soup with Opo squash

Lauki waali Toor Daal. Pigeon pea soup spiced with nigella and cumin seeds. Vegan, glutenfree


Upma. Indian vegan breakfast

Upma. Savory cream of wheat/rice with nuts and veggies. Vegan breakfast.glutenfree option


Buckwheat pasta w/ grilled zucchini, pesto

Buckwheat Soba pasta with grilled Zucchini, evoo, pesto, cherry tomatoes. A light weekday dinner! Vegan, glutenfree


Tempeh Seekh Kebabs

Meatless and glutenfree seekh kebabs.. hints of mint and creamy cashew make these moist and delectable.


Butterfree Cashew Fudge

Kaju Katli, A versatile indian cashew fudge. Vegan, glutenfree


Bhindi Zunka

Okra cooked with chickpea flour and spices. Indian side.